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Moving Mobile Homes in Oklahoma



How much does it cost to move a mobile home in Oklahoma? There is no simple answer to this question. There are many variables that can determine the cost. Following are just a few:

 1. The make and condition of the mobile home;

2. The size of the mobile home;

3. The distance you are moving your mobile home within the state of Oklahoma;

4. Does your mobile home have tires, axles, and a hitch;

5. The type of location you are moving your mobile home to, whether it is going to a park within city limits and requires a building permit or on a plot of land that may require a motorized track to put it in place;

6. Whether or not you are setting your mobile home on concrete runners or soil;

7. Whether or not you just require freight and you will tear down and set up your mobile home or you require Carlos to do it for you;

8. Whether or not you will require additional materials when re-setting the mobile home at your new location. This is just one area in which Carlos stands apart from his competition. He will only use new materials on new installations and he will not use worn out materials that may be hazardous on re-levels or re-sets. This will ensure that the setting of your home will last longer than in cases where other crews recycle materials from other jobs and use substandard materials;

9. The size of your mobile home and the route will determine if you require 1 escort or 2. An additional escort will result in additional charges.

If you call a company for an estimate and you are given a quote without answering multiple questions, such as those listed above, you should be aware that the quote will most likely be inaccurate and could change at the time of your move or you will pay additional charges later when your home will require a re-level.

What services are included in the move? If you request a tear down and re-set at the new location of your mobile home, Carlos will unblock and remove the tie downs from your single wide and install tires and axles, if required. If a hitch is needed, Carlos can suggest a welder to install the hitch if you don't know anyone with those skills. Tasks such as unhooking the plumbing and electrical and removing the skirting are completed before Carlos arrives on the job site. If your home is a double wide, Carlos will take it apart and wrap the open side in plastic for safe transport. When your mobile home arrives at its new location, Carlos will level and set it and tie it down if it's a single wide. For double wides, he will put the 2 sides together and block and level it and tie it down. You can request him to do trim and carpet on the inside. Carlos is only licensed to set mobile homes, so he does not do any plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning. He also does not do skirting.

My home is out of level. Does Carlos re-level homes without moving them? Yes! Call Carlos and he can give you a quote for the re-level. This job takes less than a day and Carlos can usually get to it in less than 2 weeks.


The quickest form of contact is to call Carlos at 405-213-3917. He will need to ask questions specific to your job to give you an accurate quote.

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